Zeiseweg 9
22765 Hamburg
Zeiseweg 9, 22765 Hamburg,

Frappant is considered a major player in the city’s art scene, hosting a versatile programme that makes a stimulating contribution to cultural dialogue within and beyond Hamburg. In a former barracks in Altona, now a listed building, Frappant’s 130 qm exhibition spaces offer a varying exhibition programme, interspersed with concerts, readings and discussions. With a reputation that stretches far beyond Hamburg, Frappant, celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2019.



  • Interim use by Studio Total, Room for Five, Space Department, Blinzelbar and other creative working in rooms of an empty shopping mall in Hamburg-Altona a vacant shopping mall in Hamburg-Altona: the Forum Altona


  • the approx. 40 users have to move out, at the same time also 25 artists from the SKAM on St. Pauli
  • together with the SKAM e.V. they move into a part of the of the 40,000 m² Frappant building next door and immediately begin and start immediately with exhibition and cultural cultural program
  • Foundation of Frappant e.V. (art, culture and design)
  • Number of members grows from approx. 70 to approx. 130
  • Frappant and Gängeviertel (also founded in 2009) manifest themselves as flagships of self-governing off-culture in Hamburg


  • Termination due to demolition of the Frappant building for Ikea
  • demonstrations, great media attention for Right to the City, Gängeviertel, anti-Ikea movement
  • Frappant e.V. negotiates to buy a part of the nearby former Viktoria barracks for rent.
  • Frappant e.V. starts with future concept for the former Victoria Barracks


  • Beginning of the negotiations of Frappant e.V. with the city about further use of the barracks
  • Foundation of Lux & Konsorten as an association of politically active tradesmen


  • Finance authority offers Frappant the barracks for sale
  • Frappant and Lux & Konsorten work out a joint utilization concept and begin purchase negotiations


  • Frappant e.V. and Lux & Konsorten found fux eG


  • fux eG buys the former Viktoria barracks _ Frappant is a tenant of fux eg and continues to operate the gallery and the tile room