We are here. ART OFF’s “Kultursommer”.

The cultural programme of “Kultursommer” presented by ART OFF HAMBURG, the association of independent art spaces, will be launched in late July and extends beyond the core period of the Hamburg’s citywide cultural summer. Through till mid-September, Hamburg’s streets will become venues for the artistic activities of ART OFF’s “We are here”.

With three Art Walks and two excursions, ART OFF HAMBURG aims to rekindle public enthusiasm for art, culture and urban strolling. Numerous exhibition spaces and open-air venues will be presenting art, concerts, performances, dance and literature. Over 400 cultural producers are involved. Special projects have also been devised with children and young people in mind. As ever with ART OFF HAMBURG, admission is free.

To quote Carsten Brosda, Hamburg’s senator for culture and media: “The independent art spaces are part of Hamburg’s cultural DNA. Their contribution is a crucial element in the city’s summer of culture. With immense commitment and within a very short time, ART OFF HAMBURG has compiled a very special and diverse programme, inviting us to explore art and culture that lie beyond the familiar grid. As the people of Hamburg emerge from lockdown, this offers an opportunity to rediscover the cultural riches of our city. ART OFF HAMBURG’s ‘Kultursommer’ promises to be one of the highlights of our citywide summer of culture programme which has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the German Federal Foundation.”

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Art Walk East: 30 July to 1 August

The ART OFF Kultursommer kicks off with a series of Art Walks exploring the east end of Hamburg. Each tour links up numerous events due to be held outdoors in the neighbourhoods of those art spaces participating in the programme, and en route between them. The tours pass through the districts of St. Georg, Hammerbrook, Rothenburgsort and Wandsbek.

Art Walk Central: 13 to 15 August

The second series of events in the ART OFF Kultursommer focuses on the districts of Hamburg Central and St. Pauli. This tour starts, for example, in St. Pauli and the Karolinenviertel quarter, where Galerie Genscher and Vorwerkstift are to be found. From there, the route meanders through the city park Planten un Blomen, where concerts and performances can be viewed in the park’s natural setting.

Excursion 1 - Bergedorf: 21 to 29 August

ART OFF HAMBURG is also offering an outing to an art venue close to the Sachsenwald forest on the outskirts of the city. The Künstlerhaus Bergedorf is hosting an indoor and outdoor programme. The artists’ group will be joined by the itinerant Kunst-Imbiss to provide further artistic nourishment to-go.

Excursion 2 - Niendorf: 28 and 29 August

ART OFF HAMBURG invites you to visit the art venue Künstlerhaus Sootbörn. With its spacious rooms built in the style of the Bauhaus and its expansive outside surroundings, Sootbörn is the cultural hub of the Niendorf district. Expect to find the Kunst-Imbiss here too!

Art Walk West: 4 to 5 September

The third series of ART OFF HAMBURG Art Walks will take place in Hamburg’s west end. Starting in the St. Pauli and Altona districts, the tours proceed to Bahrenfeld and Ottensen—or vice versa.

Besides these tours, there are a number of individual events that will usher in the Art Walks and, later on, bring the summer to a gradual close.

ART OFF HAMBURG Kultursommer is being supported as part of the programme Kultursommer 2021 by the Federal Minister for Culture and Media (BKM) with funds from the NEUSTART KULTUR programme amounting to 500,000 Euros. In addition, the project has received 125,000 Euros funding from Hamburg’s Ministry of Culture and Media.